Dog Grooming

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We are an award winning Grooming Salon, voted Best in Marshall County 4 years running.

All of our dogs begin with a pad trim if needed, nail trim & dremmel for smoothness. Next we shave their potties, clean ears, pluck dead ear hair (if needed) and then a good brushing off before going to the bath area.

We start the bath with a blueberry facial, which is a tearless, blueberry shampoo designed for exceptional cleaning of the face. We then do a quick check of the anal glands - express if needed, then on to the hydro-massage bath.

Our hydro-massage bath combines the water and shampoo into a massage that cleans your dog right down to their skin, and best of all they get a great massage. After the bath they go to the dryer and then get brushed again before their grooming.

If your dog is a shedder, we have a one of a kind de-shed program that gets twice as much without using a furminator, which can easily irritate their skin.

Dog Grooming Services Provided:

  • Grooming / hair cutting
  • Bathing
  • Nail Trimming
  • Teeth Brushing